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Viscosity is a quantity expressing the magnitude of internal friction in a fluid. High viscosity fluids require specifically designed pumps. Examples of low viscosity fluids are wine and milk; medium viscosity fluids are honey and treacle, whilst high viscosity fluids are, for example, chocolate syrup or ketchup.
The chemical aggressiveness of a fluid is its power to corrode the components of a pump. Fluids with low chemical aggression factor are, for example, beverages in general, which do not corrode any component of the pump. Fluids with medium chemical aggression factor are those for which the use of Neoprene (NBR) parts could be prohibited. Fluids with high chemical aggression factor are those liquids for which the use of Neoprene parts is prohibited and the use stainless steel 316 and PTFE parts should therefore be considered.
The presence of suspended solids in the liquid is a key parameter when selecting the most suitable pump. Small suspended solids are smaller than 1 centimetre, whilst the size of medium-sized suspended solids ranges between 1 and 3 centimetres.
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