Mencarelli Pompe e Valvole has been operating for over 65 years in the die pressed stainless steel electric pump industry.
Our pumps are manufactured from high thickness stainless steel metal sheets to ensure high reliability, which also makes them suitable for heavy duty applications.
We focus our attention on each customer’s needs by offering the quality of “made in Italy” in fluid handling equipments.
We run a highly flexible production plant, which allows us to adapt our products to different and specific requirements, by offering bespoke pumps on request.
We have always run an after-sales technical support and spares service, which helps to extend the working life of our pumps and to increase their reliability.
Our pumps are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, wine, oil, textile, maritime and water treatment industries.
We currently have distributors throughout Europe, in the USA, South America, Asia, North Africa and Australia.

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