The company “Officine Meccaniche Fratelli Mencarelli” was set up in 1948.
Initially, the business operated from a small cellar, where subcontracted mechanical work was carried out.
During those years of operation, the stainless steel cold die pressed technology was developed, which forged the company’s future.
During the 1960s the company moved to Bresso (near Milan), focusing its business on designing and manufacturing electric pumps entirely made of stainless steel. It was then that the company was granted its first patent, followed by others, to confirm its focus on continuous innovation.
In the 1990s the company moved to its current site and changed its name to “Mencarelli Pompe e Valvole”. The company is entrusted to the family’s third generation.
We currently manufacture and sell all over the world a wide range of centrifugal, self-priming centrifugal, self-priming centrifugal side channel and positive displacement electric pumps, both for industrial and civil applications.

Production philosophy

All our production is carried out inside our factory and relies on an advanced, high thickness, stainless steel metal sheet cold forming technology, in order to provide a product with exceptionally good value for money.
We have always firmly believed in the importance of the “Made in Italy”.

Our mission

Our company mission is to best meet our customers’ expectations by offering reliable products and by paying special attention to our after-sales technical support service. It is not unusual for us to carry out maintenance operations on pumps that have been in operation for almost half a century.

Environmental awareness

We have always behaved responsibly towards the environment. All our production process is based on minimising production scrap by carefully managing industrial waste.
Since 2008 we have installed a solar system for the production of electricity in order to ensure that our company can meet its own energy needs for most of the year. This is our small contribution towards a better environment.

CO2 emissions in Kg saved since the installation of the solar system:

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