MENC-INOX series

Positive displacement self priming stainless steel pump with flexible impeller and IEC 72 UNEL-MEC motors

Mencarelli Pompe e Valvole
  • Flow rate up to 930 lt/min.pngFlow rate up to 930 lt/min
  • Head up to 35 mt.pngHead up to 35 mt
  • Operating temperature max 70°C.pngOperating temperature max 70°C
  • Operating pressure max 3 bar.pngOperating pressure max 3 bar
  • Motors from 0.34 HP to 6 HP – 570 ÷ 1400 RPM.pngMotors from 0.34 HP to 6 HP – 570 ÷ 1400 RPM
  • AISI 304 high thickness stainless steel pump casing and synthetic rubber impeller.pngAISI 304 high thickness stainless steel pump casing and synthetic rubber impeller
  • Suitable for viscous liquids with suspended solids.pngSuitable for viscous liquids with suspended solids

Self-priming pump

The special design of the pump casing ensures an immediate suction, even when running dry, up to a depth of 5/6 metres

Delicate pumping action

The low speed motor ensures a gentle pumping action for delicate liquids, and a continuous and regular flow

Flow reversibility

The direction of rotation of the motor can be reversed to ensure a total flow reversibility, with identical performance for both directions of rotation

High thickness pump casing

High thickness steel (3/4mm) which ensures a higher mechanical and corrosion resistance, and therefore a longer life

Easy to dismantle

The cleaning and replacement of the mechanical seal and of the impeller are incredibly simple as the pump can be taken apart with ease

Standard motors

Motors compliant with IEC 72 UNEL-MEC standards, widely available in all national and international markets

Pump casing formed as a single piece

All pump casings are constructed from high thickness stainless steel sheet metal, which ensures quality and long life. The pump casings undergo continuous quality controls of the welds and are internally and externally polished to ensure the highest level of hygiene

Impeller made of non-toxic rubber

The impeller is made of synthetic rubber (Neoprene or EPDM) and is entirely non-toxic and resistant to several acids. The Neoprene impeller complies with the American FDA regulations related to the handling of food grade liquids

Mechanical gear unit

For the MENC-INOX 40 and 50 series a mechanical gear unit is available, which allows to achieve a pump rotation speed of only 570 RPM for a very gentle pumping action and for highly viscous liquids

The MENC-INOX series pumps have the following features:

  • Immediate priming at a depth of up to 5 metres, even when running dry
  • Flow reversibility
  • Motors compliant with IEC 72 UNEL-MEC standards, widely available in all national and international markets should they need to be replaced or repaired (except for MENC-INOX 80 model)
  • Low speed motor, which ensures a gentle pumping action for delicate liquids
  • Capacity to handle viscous and solid-laden liquids
  • Flexible impeller made of entirely non-toxic synthetic rubber (Neoprene or EPDM) and resistant to different acids
  • Mechanical seal made of NBR-graphite or NBR-tungsten carbide
  • Continuous and regular pumping action

These features make these pumps exceptionally versatile. They can be used in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry (starch, wax, water-based glues, creams, cleaners, glycerine, glycols, latex, vegetable and animal fats, liquid soaps, syrups, shampoos, industrial water treatment, paints) and in the wine-food industry (beer, butter, melted cheese, glucose, milk and condensed milk, jam, honey, must, oil, cream, tomato sauce, fruit juices, eggs, yogurt, wine, destemmed grapes, liquid sugar).

On request, pumps can be supplied on a stainless steel carriage fitted with a rotation direction inverter.

The pumps can also be supplied with DIN 11851, Garolla or Macon fittings.

Technical Specifications

Power and capacity are referred to working with water

HPKWRPMTYPE2 mt5 mt10 mt15 mt20 mt25 mt30 mt35 mt
MENC-INOX 200.340.25900Three-phase3938343126208Ø 1″ BSP male thread
Ø 30mm couplings
MENC-INOX 3010.75900Three-phase92857259453116Ø 1 ¼” BSP male thread
Ø 40mm couplings
MENC-INOX 4032.2570Three-phase12011510695816125Ø 1 ½” BSP male thread
Ø 50mm couplings
MENC-INOX 5032.2570Three-phase30729025721817111235Ø 2″ BSP male thread
Ø 60mm couplings
MENC-INOX 8064.5700Three-phase922876791691562367Ø 3″ BSP male thread
Ø 100mm couplings

MENC-INOX 20/30/40



1FlangeStainless Steel
2Pump CasingAISI 304 Stainless Steel
4Seal Rotating PartGraphite, NBR, Stainless Steel
5Seal Fixed PartSteel
6Body Seal RingNBR
7Seal DiscStainless Steel
8Rear flangeStainless Steel (Aluminium for MENC-INOX 80)
9Tie RodStainless Steel

MODDimensions [mm]α
MENC-INOX 20315160729090459110575311213210561345°1″
MENC-INOX 30375210801001004512517095812515881545°1 ¼”
MENC-INOX 4043025013010314065135170123716519547.21602045°1 ½”
MENC-INOX 50435250115100140701251701154190231111101745°2″
MENC-INOX 806602501341901401202352181385215261161602245°3″
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