MX series

Side channel self-priming stainless steel pumps

Mencarelli Pompe e Valvole
  • Flow rate up to 228 lt/min.pngFlow rate up to 228 lt/min
  • Head up to 45 mt.pngHead up to 45 mt
  • Operating temperature max 110°C.pngOperating temperature max 110°C
  • Operating pressure max 7 bar.pngOperating pressure max 7 bar
  • Motors from 0.5 HP up to 7.5 HP  - 900/1400/2800 RPM.pngMotors from 0.5 HP up to 7.5 HP – 900/1400/2800 RPM
  • Entirely made of AISI 316 high thickness stainless steel.pngEntirely made of AISI 316 high thickness stainless steel
  • Suitable for aggressive liquids.pngSuitable for aggressive liquids

Self-priming pump

Side channel self priming pump able to operate at a depth of up to 6 metres

Liquids with dissolved gas

The MX pump is suitable for pumping volatile liquids, with dissolved gas and of high temperature.

Lower risk of cavitation

Lateral channel MX pumps are less prone to cavitation phenomena, also in difficult operating situations.

High efficiency motors

MX pumps are equipped with high efficiency motors for continuous use, at 900, 1400 and 2800 rpm and allow to reverse the pumping flow

Zone at risk of explosion

To operate in zones at risk of explosion motors compliant with Atex standards are supplied

Simple design and flow reversibility

MX pump series has been designed to offer maximum ease of disassembly for cleaning and maintenance operations. Besides, they ensure full flow reversibility.

Stainless steel impeller

The impeller is made from microcasting of AISI 316 stainless steel. Its shape has been optimised to ensure a high hydraulic efficiency

Maximum hygiene

The pump casing is polished to garantee maximum hygiene. Besides, internal surfaces are smooth and without edges to ensure high hydraulic efficiency

Greater safety

To allow using MX pumps in potentially explosive environments Atex motors are supplied

The MX series pumps have the following features:

  • Priming at a depth of up to 6 m with the pump filled
  • Flow reversibility
  • Suitable for handling volatile liquids and with dissolved gas
  • Suitable for handling delicate moderately viscous liquids using motors at 900 and 1400 RPM
  • High thickness stainless steel (3mm) which ensures a higher mechanical and corrosion resistance, and therefore a longer life
  • High hydraulic efficiency
  • Explosion proof motors can be provided
  • Microcast impeller from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Mechanical seal with NBR, FPM or PTFE elastomers

Their resistance to chemical aggression makes them suitable for the chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industry, while their versatility makes them suitable for the wine-food industry.

On request, pumps can be supplied on a stainless steel carriage fitted with a rotation direction inverter.

Technical Specifications

Power and capacity are referred to working with water

HPRPMTYPE0 mt5 mt7 mt10 mt15 mt20 mt25 mt30 mt35 mt40 mt45 mt
MX 500,51400Three-phase3517Ø 1″ BSP male thread
MX 500,752800Three-phase6050464030261712Ø 1″ BSP male thread
MX 1000,751400Three-phase65403018Ø 1¼” BSP male thread
MX 10032800Three-phase125115110100857555453520Ø 1¼” BSP male thread
MX 15021400Three-phase1351028570406Ø 1½” BSP male thread
MX 1507,52800Three-phase22821620019018817315714212810060Ø 1½” BSP male thread
MX 2001,5900Three-phase1308565Ø 2″ BSP male thread
MX 2003*1400Three-phase2201951751551196830Ø 2″ BSP male thread

*The electrical power of this model may vary according to the brand of the motor and the Atex execution. However, the performance of the pump remains unchanged.

Pump with frequency converter

On demand, MX pump series can be equipped with a frequency converter to adjust motor rpm and therefore pump performances.

Serie Pompe MX
3Pump casing – delivery sideINOX AISI 316
4Pump casing seal ringNBR or FPM
5Mechanical seal stationary partCeramic, NBR or FPM or PTFE
6Mechanical seal rotating partGraphite, NBR or FPM or PTFE, INOX
7ImpellerINOX AISI 316
8Impeller screw o.ringNBR or FPM
9Impeller fixing screwINOX AISI 316
10Pump casing – suction sideINOX AISI 316
11Locking flangeINOX AISI 304
12Tie rodsINOX

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